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Manifest Blueprint Videos - Manifest Blueprint

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Video #1 - Why Master The Law Of Attraction

  • Learn how the law of attraction is the key towards helping you to manifest anything you want in the world.
  • Discover the true meaning of attraction and how everyday people are using this simple secret to succeed.
  • Learn the law of attraction in an easy way so you can manifest what you want into your life.

Video #2 - Common Misconceptions About The Law of Attraction

  • Learn how the common misconceptions about the law of attraction.
  • Find out how others are doing it all wrong and won't manifest their dreams.
  • The more you stress the more you fail, find out how to stop failing in your pursuit of happiness.

Video #3 - What You Focus On Expands...
  • In this video you will learn "what you focus on will expand your..."
  • Did you know that thoughts are made of energy? - Find out how to channel energy into the right direction...
  • Our thoughts are like transmission signals, when you think of something you transmit it out into the Universe.

Video #4 -Focus On What You Want Not What You Don't Want
  • Find out how to focus on what you want rather than what you don't, sounds easy but so many get this wrong!
  • Learn how to focus on positivity and attract positivity in return.
  • Understand why the Universe throws things your way, find out how to receive positive feedback.

Video #5 - How To Find What You Want As A Result Of What You Don't
  • Learn how to trigger your mind to find and get you what you want.
  • Did you know that most of our life experiences come from what we don't want? - Learn to change it.
  • Learn how to attract people and never be neglected in anything you do.

Video #6 - Living For Purpose Opposed To Living By Default
  • Learn how live life with real intent instead of cruising through life by default.
  • Most people live life being controlled by their thoughts, learn how to create positive thoughts.
  • Learn how to weed out repetitive negative thoughts from your mind.

Video #7 - How To Become A Creator In Everything
  • Learn how to be a creator in everything you do so you can map your own destiny.
  • Did you know that everything in the Universe was created twice? - Find out why...
  • When you want something you will create your desired life. It begins with ...

Video #8 - Learning To Be Responsible Versus Being A Victim
  • Find out how to live responsibly instead of always thinking about being a victim.
  • Mistakes happen for a reason, they are the tools to show us what we don't want. Find out how to fix it...
  • When bad things happen we have two choices that we can make, find out what in the video...

Video #9 - How To Let The Universe Take The Wheel
  • Find out how to let the Universe take the wheel of life rather than coasting along.
  • The Universe is very powerful, learn how to channel the positive power into your life path.
  • Learn why your brain is focusing on negativity and why life is repetitive.

Video #10 - Visualizing Your Ultimate Dream
  • In the last video of the series you will learn how to visualize your ultimate dreams.
  • Learn how to manifest your visualizations and dreams.
  • Find out how to remove doubt from your mind and manifest everything you want step by step.