August 2016 Crystal ColorScope Forecast & Predictions With Elizabeth Harper

ABOUT ELIZABETH HARPER: Featured on Woman's World, the BBC, Sirius XM, Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed Color Clairvoyant, Metaphysical Artist, and teacher who has helped thousands to access their psychic and color intuitive skills. Explore her coloriscious world at and learn more about your true colors when you grab your free color kit here:


What do the crystals want to share with you? Using your intuition select either Crystal 1, 2, or 3, for a crystal and color inspired message. The first crystal is for everyone, see how that flavors your month, then when prompted move to your number and listen to the message.

⇾ If you picked 1 – 5:09
⇾ If you picked 2 – 8:22
⇾ If you picked 3 – 12:14

* Did you get the message you were expecting? Did you intuit the crystals and colors used in the Crystal ColorScope? Did any other insights and intuitions come to you? Please share in the comments below.

The Crystal ColorScope is an interactive oracle inviting you to intuitively select a crystal with a message that is relevant for you in this moment. Use the crystal you choose to help focus on what is most needed for your success and peace of mind during this month. You can use the actual crystal or tune into its essence using a photo, or simply call on the crystal’s energy to infuse your auric field and life with its qualities.

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